Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Save a Place for Me,,,

I know so many of you had been praying for my dear sweet friend Michal...she left for heaven today. I am struggling with such sadness but I am so thankful she did not suffer long. I can't even begin to tell you of the legacy she is leaving behind...faithful to the very end. She decided on July 18th to do no more Chemo, she truly gave it to God ...she stated it was his all along anyway. Trusting him the whole way...she never wavered...could I be that faithful?
Please pray for her hubby and sweet, sweet boys...they will miss her something awful. She has left them many sweet reminders of her but I hope they never forget how much she fought to stay with them and how much she loved them.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I forgot to post the skinny picture of my friend Christy...Hooray for you on your weight loss.

I also forgot the picture of my friend Jim... he is a Canadian Mounted Policeman...he brought his uniform so we could be goobers and get lots of pictures!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


After months away I am attempting a comeback. We have had so much going on that I unfortunately had no time to dedicate to my blog. I have missed it.

Here's a little of what we have been up to:

*Took a family vacation to Florida to celebrate Emilee's 21st Birthday...we were there 2 glorious weeks this past June

*Boys started High School

*Garrett plays tennis

Levi is a football player

*Had a Luau to celebrate some summer Birthdays

*Went on a work retreat for my Literacy job

*Still work for Dr Jay

*Met Miss Emilee's New Fella...Big Steve ( he is great!!)

*Trying to deal with ailing parents...Papaw had a stroke and Grandma Val's neuropothay is BAD!

*Friend from Canada visits

*Football Starts!!!

*Cut my hair's grown back some

*Emm starts back to collage ...can't believe she's a JR already...she takes the LSAT this year

*Build houses for the homeless

*Connected with an old friend...that always feels good

*Finally got to visit with my new skinny friend Christy

*Praying for my sweet friend Michal...gave up on chemo and is ready for Gods plan

*Cory and Ashley got engaged and the boys will be groomsmen 2011

* A young man (10th grade) that the boys played football with for years killed himself...Tragic

Although life has been a bit trying lately I must tell you that God has been so good and church has been awesome. We are so blessed and I feel God doing a work in all of us. I have had moments of extreme sadness and frustration but thank goodness they are never lasting. I know this is the holy spirit. I am hopeful and I do hope everyone in blog land knows that kind of hope.

May this new week bring you a beautiful reminder that you are never ALONE!!

Big Hugs