Thursday, January 29, 2009


Had a little time on my hands since we are knee deep in snow and I ventured to the basement to do a few Valentines. I did these with the conversation heart candy boxes.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Look What We Got

It's still snowing here but look at my car. This is the road in front of our house. What road? It's very pretty but there is a lot of it. The boys are out in it and can't get over how deep it is. It looks like about 14 inches or so. The hot chocolate is on and we are in!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Project

This is the boys Science project. It will even erupt. I love that they got to be partners on this. We went to Hobby Lobby and they picked out what they needed and they made it . We helped with it a little but it's truly their project. Isn't the form amazing and I'm sure you're asking how did they do that. Well, we thought a lamp shade would give the perfect shape we needed and it so did.
They are so proud and excited to show the class.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Room

Our girl came home for the weekend and she has never done that . It went so fast. It was so great having her home and having her sleep in her room. So forgive me if this post sounds depressing I don't mean for it to. I just want to remind all you mommies out there that they grow up way too fast and maybe every once in awhile it's okay not to complain about their messy room. I know I have caught myself nagging the boys to pick up their room and make the beds. But a day will come when the bed will be made and there will be such a stillness to that room and you'll so wish you could complain about how all their friends left them a mess to clean up. Don't get me wrong I like a clean room but a clean room comes and stays for a long time.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gods Glory Continues

Oh you awesome prayer warriors. Glory to God !! My friend Michal had her body scan and got the results yesterday...there is a mass in her liver but that's it ! They are going to start Chemo for 2 months and then do surgery to remove it. This is such good news. Thank you all for all your prayers. Please pray her through chemo, surgery and recovery. God is working and he is so mighty. I am so excited.

Gas, Satan , Gods Glory

You know I've mentioned that my week has been a little rough but I'm hanging in there but I have to tell you yesterday was Satan's day to just laugh at me. I stopped to get some gas and there was a little old lady on the other side having all kinds of trouble. She couldn't figure out her credit card, I could tell this wasn't something she normally did. She forgot to open the gas tank lid, and I decided to be her hero. So I do the credit card and tell her to open the lid and I would get her going. Bless her heart she kept hold of the gas hose and proceeded to spill gas all over my shoes. I got the hose from her and got her gas pumping and she was so thankful. Called me her Angel. I got in my car and had to laugh because I knew Satan was laughing saying that's what you get for helping people. I laughed right back at him and thought hell is what you get !! Oh the glory of Gods kingdom, it just makes a girl smile.
Do you ever feel like Satan is getting the best of you? Well, don't let him. Tell him to hit the road...In JESUS Name.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Made Some...Fortune Cookies?

I made some of these and they were fun and easy. I was subbing this week and passed some out to the kids and they really got a kick out of them. So thought you might like to send out some happy fortunes too. Here's the site I got them from
Hope your week is going well !

Monday, January 19, 2009


I am unable to sleep so much on my mind. We recently had to evict our renter and today we went to see the results to him staying in our past home. Well, he trashed it. I mean it's a mess. It's so hard to see it like that. This was once our little home and it was good to us and we had so many wonderful memories there. How could someone do that? We were unable to sell that home and have had to rent it for the last year an a half and this is the third person that has left owing us and messing it up. You know if I put my faith in people I may be discouraged but thank goodness I know who I can count on. It's a little harder for my husband and he struggles with trusting Gods plans for us and that house. I think it all goes back to my theme song and Satan apparently can't stand that song. Well, I say too bad I will not be moved!! I 'm thinking if my year has to start like this and get it out of the way I'm good with that. Could you help me out with a prayer for a great renter. Someone that this house is perfect for. Maybe they need a chance or a fresh start. I know they are out there. I know God's working on something awesome. I just read how we sometimes give up right when he's getting ready to sent Gabriel in to sound the horns and victory is near. I don't want to give up and miss out on that. Maybe you are also feeling the crunch of these hard times or you and hubby are at odds with each other. Whatever it is know you are not alone and the calvary is coming. Be blessed this week in all that you do and I pray that if your heart is aching you find comfort. If you have a need, it gets met.

Ephesians 3:20 God is able to do immeasurable more than all we could ask or imagine. Amen

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Look what we got today

One sled, a little snow and two boys....PRICELESS. I love to watch my boys play and seeing them today in the snow reminded me of when I was little and could stay out in it for hours. Boy have times changed. I have to have the car warmed up before I even get in it. They took turns pulling each other and threw snowballs at each other. It was such a beautiful snow nice big flakes.
So on this chilly snowy Sunday we are having chilly and watching movies. Hope your Sunday is full of the love of family and God's presence.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Love Banner

Love Day, that's what we like to call Valentines Day is fast approaching and to be honest I needed to create something and so I did this love banner. Simple but cute.
Did I mention it's -30 with the wind chill today? It's another snow day for the boys or should I say cold day? The sun is out and that makes it a little bit better.
Hope you are warm and cozy and enjoying this day.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


On this very frigid day I got to hear from my dear friend Michal. She is home from the hospital. It warmed me up so much hearing from her. She can't have many visitors right now as she prepares for her chemo treatments. She is so happy to be home with her boys . Her spirits are high and you would be so amazed with her faithfulness. She is totally trusting in the Lord. She has a big day on Monday, she goes in for her body scan. Please pray that the cancer has only spread to her liver. Pray for her to get stronger for the battle ahead. She said she truly feels Gods arms wrapped around her. So thank you all so much for lifting her up and claiming a miracle for her.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Marley & Me

So the middle school kids had the opportunity to read this and last night we took 75 kids to see it. There wasn't a dry eye in the place. I'm talking girls, boys, teachers and staff. Because if you've ever had a pet that you've loved and made a part of your family this movie is like watching your own story. Dogs can make messes and chew up your favorite shoes or couch but they can also love you when you need it the most. Our dog is a member of our family and as it gets harder for him to climb the stairs and jump in the bed with the boys , I worry how much longer we have till we have to tell him goodbye. So pet owners who have loved and lost this book is for you. Have tissues handy.
PS Please pray for sweet Jenn (spirit of truth) and her family as they lost their beloved dog this week.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Family Fun Day

Well, Sunday my family came out for a fish fry and the playing of Wii. My dad, hubby and boys caught a lot of fish this past summer and we saved them to have a fish fry with. We had bass, croppie and bluegill...yummy. My mom fried up all the fish and my SIL brought homemade mac and cheese. We had coleslaw and rolls and lots of tartar sauce. I of course had salad but that's okay. I had plenty of fish and it was so tasty. My boys were so proud of the feast they had helped catch. After loads of fish it was time for Wii. What I love about this game is anyone can play. We had so much fun watching grandma try to bowl and papaw try to golf. Goodtimes !!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

God Knows

I've been the Middle school science teacher 2 days this week and it truly has been just what I needed. This week was one full of so much sadness and God knew I needed out of it. The kids lifted my spirits without even knowing it and made me smile and appreciate this live I have. On Friday one fella brought me the silliest looking stuffed animal. He says party, party , party in a crazy little voice. It made me beam and it reminded me I was right where God wanted me to be. He knew what I needed. So, with my new little friend I am going to party like my days are numbered (which they are) and remember my motto "showing up for this life God has given me" but I'm reminding myself that's in the good , the bad and the sad.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tough News

This is a hard message to write about but a necessary one. I always talk about the amazing women God has put in my life and how lucky I am. A dear one has fallen ill and received very heartbreaking news. She had a mass on her colon and it spread to her liver. She has 3 sons and 2 of them are in elementary school. She's a woman that loves being a mom. I mean loves it. Everything about it. She is one of the kindest people you will ever meet and has the spirit of an angel. Someone that you're better having known. We have shared so many private moments and prayed desperately for each other. I call upon all of you to please pray for my friend Michal, she has been given a 30% chance of survival. This news hit me so hard and I was burdened with such sadness that I was just still. It reminded me of Friday that Jesus died and then I remembered ...there was Sunday. Sunday made everything right with the world. I want Michal to have a Sunday. I know she can because of what Jesus did for us and no matter her odds, I choose Gods will and his plans for her. He is a mighty God.
So write her name down , plant it in your hearts and I know she can have her Sunday.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Remember this?

Well, I had to tell you all that this turned out so great. My boys attend a small school, like only 80 kids in the 7th grade. Let me tell you what these kids did with this book. They started with one jar and ended up having several because they kept filling them up. The grand total for these kids was $316. How cool is that ? But want to hear where the money went? Their teacher volunteers at the juvenile facility for girls and was able to bless those girls with warm socks and goodies. The story gets better. The girls had been saving their allowance (which is like $2 a week) and were sponsoring a family with it. You heard me right. These are girls that have made mistakes and people have given up on and they were sponsoring a family for Christmas. The teacher didn't know this, the kids didn't know but you know who did? He used all these kids to do his work. It all started with a jar. Actually, it started with a man that came to walk the earth and die on a cross. He is still at work. He can use us all. Through a jar, a plate of cookies, a kind word...find some way to share him this week.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Theme Song

We all need one and I decided this year that mine will be Natalie Grants I will not be moved. So what ever comes my way whatever battles I may face and let's be real honest there will be battles. I will not be moved when it comes to my faith. I will stand firm knowing that God has me cradled in his arms and no harm will come to me. I will not stand on sinking sand...I have a rock solid foundation. I'm going to focus on what God's up to and not what this world is up to. We can get so caught up with the misery of this world and I say enough. Jesus love all the way.
I feel a need to have pom poms right now. So let's win one for Jesus this year.

God bless and find yourself a theme song!

Theme Song