Friday, July 10, 2009

We're Back

Fishing with Cory and his family
Cory and Mike telling fish stories.

Levi's first motorcycle ride

Hubby trying his best to catch something

Posie fun

Greetings to all. We got back from the lake early and have just been having so much fun around here that I have not been on my computer much. It's amazing how quickly summer is going.

Here are a few shots of what we've been up to. We have been doing a lot of fishing and even spend time with our girls ex-boyfriend and his family. I know this may sound weird but he is just a wonderful young man and his family is awesome. We enjoy them and had a blast.
Our girl did get to work a little for Anderson University at the Church of God convention. She drove a golf cart! She made two older ladies day when they thought she was Sandi Patty's daughter. She had to break it to them that she was indeed not her daughter but they didn't believe her and told her it was okay they wouldn't tell anyone. We got such a kick out of this. She has also been blessed with a job when school starts. She is just still trying to find something till then. God is providing opportunities and we are so thankful. Thank you for all your prayers.

I must tell you making these posies is addicting and so fun, Emm has already claimed several.

Hope you are having some summer time fun !!

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Jennifer said...

Sounds like fun! So glad you are back! I was missing your blog!!