Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blessings, Thoughts and Stuff

So I have been blessed with feeling much better and have been working a lot!! I recently was able to meet a wonderful friend for breakfast and it was so nice to visit and catch up. I miss that. I also got to see my dear friend Michal. You all have been praying for her to win her battle with cancer. It was so great to see her , man she looked so good. But looks can deceive us. Time going by can too. Talking to her I realized that I had put her on a back burner, because treatments where going okay and things seemed to be moving as they should be. Can I just say that people do what they have to do. She shared with me how scared she is and prays that she hasn't had her last camp out or made her last smore. She awakes at night frightened. Her children are frightened and don't like leaving her side. Can you join me in not just praying for her recovery but for her to have some peace.
I also found out my dear friend Carrie that lost her young husband this summer is finally hit the grieving process and is struggling. Her sweet 4 yr old cries for his daddy and misses he desperately. The holidays are ahead and that is a lot of firsts without him. So can she make a way into your prayers too.
I am going on a little trip. After being so sick and having a good check up with my Dr, she is recommending some Tina time for me. I am not good at this at all and I am struggling leaving my family but I need to make myself a priority !! So I will hopefully come back renewed and rested and ready to focus on my personal goals. Please pray for my journey.

Our sweet girl was blessed with a wonderful job. She had been praying that something would come her way and the Lord showed up with an amazing opportunity. The biology geek got the photographer job for school. Those are her words. He is such a giving God and she knows it truly came from him!!

I do hope your lives are full of great stuff and you feel God's presence.


Jennifer said...

Hi Tina! I have missed you around here! I will be praying for your friends and also for you! Go and get the rest you need. You will come back restored.

You are in my prayers!!



Robyn said...

OK ... so were are you going for some time away? The lake house?

Have a wonderful time and yes, I do wish you were coming to Texas for some "me" time.