Sunday, January 23, 2011

Random Pictures

A fall drive let us to Brown County...what a fun and beautiful day!!
The crazy dental office I work at now!!
Choctoberfest at my house. We had a blast playing face the oreo.
Miss Ryann came for a visit
My man Connor...Look at this face....PRICELESS

Hope you are staying home an enjoying the gift of winter. I am trying to scrapbook our year during the winter months. It makes me stay in and that is a good thing. Trying to get more organized . Spending time by the fire is always a bonus. So I am trying very hard to approach this winter as a blessing.

Have a wonderful warm week!!


Robyn said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the pictures!!

Hope you are feeling better.


Robyn said...

Oh, and keep the pictures coming!

Jennifer said...

Love the pictures! It's so good to see you on your blog!

Molly said...

Hey there! I got your comment about a potential love match for my friend Nicole and sent you an email, but worried it might go to junk. I'm excited to hear more about him when you get a chance. Maybe even a picture? I hope we make a love connection! :) Anything is possible, right?!