Sunday, February 27, 2011

Music Monday

No video but these two put a song in my heart. Can't believe in 19 days they will be 15. Lots of fertility drugs and prayers made this miracle happen.

Have a wonderful week!!


Jennifer said...

15!!! WOW! I miss hearing from you! I pray you all are well. I know life is is on this end too.

Think of you often.

holly said...

Sooooo handsome! For four days the boys are the same age as Graham! Uh, now I know why it keeps being cold and snowy...take your snow fireplace banner (although very cute) DOWN! Time to put up shamrocks or eggs and bunnies or just plaing SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss you tons!


grannyval said...

Loved the pictures What hunks.Wow is this really happening,are these the same guys I sewed for and they loved it.Guess I am prejudice but they are fine young men. You are a great Mom !

balidogen said...