Monday, January 25, 2010


This is the yummy cake she made
How awesome is this wig?


The Hat

Wanted to share some cuteness. Sweet Ashley has started her chemo and please continue to pray for her. It's a long process every other week she sits for 4 hours to receive it and she's surrounded with older folks. She is the youngest one there. She said the hardest part is watching the bags of meds drip so slowly into her. They are telling her that her hair will probably go this week. Pray that that people around her will see her true beauty. You'd be amazed what people say. Pray for her family and that a their financial burden can be lifted a bit. She looks so good and her sweet spirit is a pleasure to be around.

We went for a visit and she made me the most amazing cake. How sweet is that? I'm going to share a few pictures of this amazing young woman to place her in your hearts.

Emm and I wanted to make her a hat and while Emm had crocheted one for her she was not pleased with the results. So, I had purchased a sweater to try and make a hat . I did it and it is so cute and soft. Ashley loved it and looks so adorable in it.

In the spirit of fun her friends found her a precious wig. She has been fitted for a wig but as you can see the one her friends gave her screams FUN!!

Thank you all for praying for this sweet girl and please continue to find a place for her in your prayers.

Have a wonderful week!


Robyn said...

She looks radiant. I know this is a hard time in her life but she illustrates to me what you need to do when things are difficult. Trust God and enjoy the adventure (as much as possible).

On a side note ... how do you make hat out of a sweater?

Jennifer said...

She is beautiful. I will be praying!!

holly said...

You are soooo talented! What a great friend you and Emme have been to all were supposed to meet this time in her life:)