Sunday, January 10, 2010

Embracing the Snow

Well, we decided to be a little bit more positive about the snow. If we're going to live with it, we're going to play in it. So our weekend started with hubby taking the boys ice fishing. I thought this would be a short trip but 5 hrs later they were home with many a fish tale. Today it was some good old fashioned sledding. We went to a park a town over and the hill was packed. The sun was bright and the snow was packed firm. The boys had a blast and hubby and I just laughed and remembered how we use to be able to stay out in that kind of weather for hours. Not so much anymore. But it was nice because the park had big bonfires going so you could warm up and I took a carafe of hot cocoa. This was a fun day.

It got me thinking how a new perspective on things can change everything.

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Robyn said...

Very true about the perspective and staying out in the cold weather!! Love the pictures!!