Friday, February 5, 2010

Blue Friday

It's BLUE FRIDAY here in Indy. GO COLTS!!! The boys got to dress up for school and believe it or not some schools are closing on Monday or have a 2 hr delay because of the game. Our school system is not one of those schools and I am glad. Love a good football game but it is just a game. Are you having a Superbowl Party? What snacks are you fixing? My people love some wings and chicken buffalo dip. If you haven't tried that dip it is so easy and so yummy. I can share the recipe.
We are suppose to get some serious snow... 4-8 inches. The boys are excited because that means sledding!! I'm praying it waits till after I get home from work.

Whatever you're doing this weekend I hope it involves some fun!!


Jennifer said...

We are having some people over and I can't wait! I love a good get together! And I am a Colts fan, ever since Dungy had to leave us in Tampa.

Have fun!!

Robyn said...

Let It Snow ... Let It Snow ... Let It Snow!! Enjoy your winter wonderland. Sorry it didn't wait til you go home!!

Go Colts!! FYI ... There are a lot of Texans that are supporting the "Who Dat" Team!!