Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Little Things

Thank you all for the awesome prayers. Yesterday was the funeral and there where nuggets from God everywhere. Through an experience like this we are given the opportunity to get a new perspective on things. For that I am thankful. One example of this came last night from my friend Cindy. She stood and told me that she longed to have Cory's smelly dirty clothes. Just have them laying on the floor in his room. I get that. I have two smelly teenage boys. This morning when they got ready I could smell the Axe being sprayed , the contact solution is still on the counter and their beds are a mess. These are signs of life and I am very thankful. Tonight when they come home from weight training and they are all smelly and want to give their mom one of those smelly hugs because they think it's so funny, I will gladly accept. So I thank my dear friend Cindy for reminding me to appreciate the little things, including smelly socks!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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Jennifer said...

What a wonderful reminder.

Praying for your sweet friend.