Friday, May 7, 2010


Well, I have a Friday off and I am catching up on some errands, cleaning and thoughts. This Sunday is Mother's day and I want you to know I am just so happy to be called MOM. After years of trying(6) to have children and so many I'm sorry Mrs Hammond it was negative...I am most grateful for the opportunity to hear MOM yelled from upstairs. Working so much lately has made me appreciate that even more. Sometimes we can get caught up in what they do for us on this day and what stuff we get but truly just the simple gift of being called mom will be enough for me this year.
I'm excited because Emm is back home from college and my house is full of fun, fussing and chaos. We are going on a 2 week family vacation this summer and are thrilled to be able to do that. With the boys starting high school and Levi playing football...did you know that starts in June? We thought this may be one of our last times to getaway like this. Best part, the trip is already paid for. Yes, working a lot has its perks.

Have a wonderful Mothers day and let MOM be enough!!

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Robyn said...

Happy Mother's Day!