Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Friday

I thought I would be able to check in a lot more, that has not been the case. Today is Yearbook Dance at the Middle School. I volunteered to coordinate it. Being that the boys are going to be High Schoolers...I'm so not ready for that. They just finished their Middle School Golf season. Levi already has a full football schedule for this summer but I am so excited about the coach. He takes them on a retreat and he offers a bible study once a week. Garrett is busy with tennis and we are praying he gets a good man to coach. With all the teacher cuts we are losing a great man that so inspired the kids.
I'm still working more than I thought I would be but I am blessed to have the opportunity to work. So many patients call cancelling their appointments because they lost their jobs and can't find work. So, I'm thanking God for the opportunity.
Hope to share some pictures.(if I can locate the usb cord )
Have a wonderful weekend!!

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Jennifer said...

Missed you around here! Glad to hear you are all doing well.