Thursday, September 17, 2009


Thank you so much for all your prayers. I have been working so much. This is a good thing. God keeps providing me with opportunities. I am tired but very thankful. We still don't have a renter. Would you be so kind to remember that in your prayers. We have always had calls and this time we haven't had one!! We just need that one special call that God knows would be a great renter or the person that wants to buy our home. I know he is working behind the scenes.

Something came to me regarding my car accident. I hit a cement pole and have over 4,300 worth of damage. I hate that part of the story but what I have realized is that I have not been focused and have been so distracted with stress, life, worry , health and family issues. God sent that pole to me to get be focused. I will take a pole over people any day!! I am not reckless nor do I text and drive. I have had no accidents but I truly believe this was for my own good. I hopefully get my AWESOME van back on Tuesday and let me tell you I appreciate that Honda luxury van more than I ever thought I would.
Please know I am thankful and I know everything is coming together for good.


Jennifer said...

I will be praying for you!! God will provide the right renter. I have missed you around here!!


Rebecca Jo said...

Wow... what an incredible attitude!