Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thank You

Can I just say thank you for all the prayers...we started receving a lot of calls and my hubby showed the house. Whats really cool is we had always hoped that our neighbor would buy the house for his son but it has never happened. Well, today while hubby was showing the house to an another couple our neighbor came over and asked to go through the house. Great news, his son is renting the house and we are hopeful they will buy it. I can't even tell you the weight that has been lifted from me. I kept a good attitude this week and really focused on God and not worrying about it. He took care of it better than I ever could have.

Life is hard but God is Good

Thank you all so much

I may bake this week and share a recipe or two.

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Jennifer said...

That is awesome!! He is so faithful!! Looking forward to seeing some recipes!!