Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We had to have dirt pudding for his "cake" and with worms of course.
He was so thrilled with this picture from Bill Dance

I call this "Redneck Elegance"

A few weeks ago Emm's ex boyfriend (I hate putting ex) Cory turned 21 and we had a little celebration for him. This was a very exciting birthday because we also got to celebrate him being cancer free for 5 years !! Cory loves the outdoors and fishing is like his favorite thing. He had always told us Bill Dance was his favorite fishing celebrity. So, several months ago I wrote Bill and asked him if he could sign something for Cory and he sure did. He sent him a picture with a very sweet message. Bill Dance YOU ROCK! I am showing you a few pictures from the dinner. He and his folks came up and we had the best time. We enjoy spending time with his folks and we have all become good friends. Our sweet girl says Cory is one of the nicest guys she has ever dated and she will always be his friend but he just wasn't the boy for her. (Please be praying for an awesome guy..we know God has a Boaz out there for her but man she's been dating a bunch of jerks!!)

Didn't mean to but I did make this sweet boy cry. He loves us and we so love him. We recently got to meet his new new girlfriend and she is very sweet. Who knows why God places people in our lives but we are thankful for Cory and his family.


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Corey!! I love that you guys are still so close. God is good!!!

I will be praying for a Boaz!!

Rebecca Jo said...

AHHH - thats so cool you all celebrated together & that friendships remain!

The redneck elegance totally made me laugh!!!

holly said...

He is such a cutie! You always go out of your way to make people feel special on their day:) Glad you had a good time with Corey and his family.