Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stuff, Lots of Stuff

She found the hubcap
The present

The circle..cold but so festive

Irene and Emilee the Dental Assistants (Fun)

Jen and Crazy Dr Jay

Had another birthday yesterday. Worked all day and got home by 7 but I came home to a nice warm fire and loving people. I love my people and aren't homemade cards the best? I also got a slide show, with music!! Got some special gifts and even made myself an oreo cheesecake. This was my first attempt and not bad. My friend Julie made me one last year, I kind of know why she didn't volunteer this year...they are a lot of work!! A lot of people forget my birthday and trust me I am very use to it. I think that's why God made me a giver. But then their are people that suprise me and remember. I am very Blessed!!

Had a wonderful dinner Friday night. The dentist I sub for included me this year and he took us to MO's Steakhouse. Oh my was it yummy. I'm including a few pictures of our evening. It was great being downtown and we even walked around the circle. I use to love doing that. I love working for him and his staff's the greatest.

My girl gave her bubs the sweetest present and I am including some pictures. She re-did their bathroom and made it a guys bathroom. The boys love cars and took some pictures this summer at a car show. She did a little editing and enlarged some prints. Voila, instance affordable wall art, some new accessories(shower curtain, towel, deep cleaning) and a note that read ...Merry Christmas! Love Sis(since I don't live here anymore) They love it.

I do have an update on sweet Ashley. She has a bone marrow tomorrow (yes on Christmas Eve) and starts chemo on Monday. She has stage 2? Hodgkin's lymphoma. Everything we've read this is very treatable. So we have tons of hope. She is in good spirits and is ready to kick it. Please remember her during the next 12 weeks. I will keep you posted.
I do hope you are having a wonderful week and enjoying this holiday season(it's almost over)


holly said...

Em I love the bathroom! What an awesome gift! You are sooo talented:)

I don't know if you saw my blog T, but I didn't forget you...I hope you had a great sounds like you did.

We were downtown last night too! Have a great Christmas eve!


Robyn said...

Emilee did an awesome job on the boys bathroom!! It looks really cool!!

The Egges said...

Love the bathroom! Such talent!

I am feeling guilt about the cheesecake. I totally would be glad to make you a cheesecake anytime. I don't mind making it at all.

Continuing to pray for Ashley. So glad she is in good spirits.

Happy Birthday!

Jennifer said...

Looks like so much fun!

Happy Birthday my friend!! You are a blessing.