Monday, December 14, 2009

Delivery Day

Emme's Goodie Bags

My Cute little baker
The filled box

The empty Box

Ready for delivery

Wanted to share a project I have been working on for the Dentist I work for. Today is delivery day. He wanted to support local business and give some "tastes" of Indiana. There is fresh pasta, pinwheel cookies from a local baker, a chocolate peanut butter pretzel brownie from another and then yummy chocolates from a family owned candy maker. I found the boxes at hobby lobby and I love how they look. I wanted to do something different from a basket. These boxes weigh a lot!!

Emm and I also got some baking done. She is quite the little baker. She made goodie bags for a lot of college friends. We used a muffin cup as the base and it turned out to be a cute little accessory. She has finals this week and then it's Christmas break!!
Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and you've had a few cookies. My goal is to not gain during this season and to not eat a whole cookie!! I'm still working out and feeling great!

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Rebecca Jo said...

I think I totally gained weight just looking at these pictures of cookies!!!! :)