Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Unexpected

The kids and I headed out early Friday morning for a trip down to Hanover and the small town of Madison. My girl wanted to check out where she would be living and show her bubbies her new school. The drive was beautiful and we had a great time talking along the way. That is one thing I miss , when your children start driving you miss all that car ride talk. We arrived in Madison and wouldn't you know it was the hottest day of the summer so far. Madison is a beautiful little town that sits right on the Ohio river. We walked around town and checked out stores and restaurants. We had to try the famous Hinkle burgers for lunch. They are just like a White Castle hamburger. The kids wanted to go in a pet store and I said sure. It was attached to a Vet clinic and it didn't look like they had any animals!! Have you ever heard LOOKS CAN BE DECIEVING? Of course, you know what happens next cna we have him, please mom? We lost our sweet kitten a couple of months ago and they have been longing for another pet. Our dog truly missed the kittena nd the kids used that against me. So, meet Tucker the unexpected!!

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From A Creative Heart said...

Ok...Tucker is just too darn cute!!! But don't go giving John any ideas about new pets!!!
Glad you had a fun trip with the kiddoes....
And my blog...well, it is your fault!!! LOL