Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Holding On

I am holding on to that one. Well, we made the drive to Hanover and this time it wasn't to look or visit Madison. It was time for our girl to stay. Leaving your child at college is one of those times you have to be a grown up. It amazes me to think that you invest all this time and energy into something and you have to let it go. I've thought so much about God's plans and how he has every step of our life planned and how he invests so much in us and lets us go. He's asking so little of me. It's cool that even though I get older he still has plans for me. He still needs me to grow. It's just something to see a young women go off on a new adventure and get all excited about what God has in store for her but whats even more exciting , is to see he still has an adventure planned for a middle aged chick. Letting go, this is a tough one Lord. He really had this whole life thing figured out and how with every step of this journey you are following his plan. Sometimes the steps can be tough and you don't think you can make it or why do I have to walk this path. I don't have all the answers but today I have comfort knowing that God does.

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