Friday, February 20, 2009

Coming Home

The best part about winter is that apparently when you're in college at Hanover you get a winter break. That means I am going to pick up our girl and she will be home for a week. I hope she is able to catch up on some rest and get healthy. She has cooties too.
Her sweet boyfriend is coming for the weekend and I pray it doesn't snow so they can go out and have some fun.
Life does go on here and it's going to be pretty busy. Levi has his first swimming meet next week and he is ready . He loves swimming. It's his winter sport. Garrett will start his tennis clinic at Earlham College and that runs for 6 weeks on Sunday afternoons. This was Garretts first year for tennis and he just loved it. His coach wanted him to play through the winter and so we press on.
My cooties are better but I'm still not 100%. Hope your week has been fantastic and I hope to share some fun stuff soon.

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