Monday, February 9, 2009

God's Plans

Do you ever wonder what God's plan for you is? I remember preparing to speak at a mother/daughter banquet this past May and I was so caught up in my daughter graduating and all the plans God had for her that I really started to question who I was going to be now .

I started to hear what the world says I am and let me tell you there is no fun in that. If I believed half of what magazines and media say about middle age overweight women I would still be in the bed with the covers over my head. Was I putting my energy on trying everything I could to stop the aging process? Did I feel good about who I was? A middle aged overweight woman? 2 Corinthians tells us we are wasting a way. So ladies the outside is a losing battle but the inside? Now that's a place I can work on.

So, I started concentrating on who God says I am. You know a daughter of a king, a devine design, the apple of his eye. Wow, that sure changes a girls perspective. So as I prepared my message it was as if God was sitting right next to me and said " I have plans for you too" !! Here I was talking about all the glorious plans he had for our Emme and he reminded me he wasn't finished with me.

When I went to share my message with this wonderful group of ladies I was amazed how the Holy Spirit filled that sanctuary and tears were streaming down their faces. He knew so many women felt as I did and he wanted them to know he believes in us and has plans for us. It was so powerful.

I left them with the task of creating a label. A God label if you will. One we could wear to remind ourselves of who God says we are. I have included a picture and I do hope if you have a girl nite coming up or a women's retreat that you will have the ladies make one and wear it. It changes every thing when we start believing what our Father says we are.


Jennifer said...

I love this!!! I am going to have a girl night just so we can do this! God has been showing me His plan for my life and it's so exciting! He has plans for all of us, we just have to slow down a little and listen!

Love you!

grannyval said...

This is a good reminder how wonderfully made we are.Think I will make some for the gals to do on mondays group.You are such an insperation to us all. HUGS

LisaShaw said...

I stopped by as I saw you on one of my blogs: Living a Fit Life so I wanted to welcome you to that blog and also wanted to stop by and say HELLO!! Love your blog.

Your header "Showing up for this life God has given me and thanking him for all his grace" captured my heart. Love it! God bless and I look forward to visiting you again.