Friday, April 24, 2009

Dove Awards

I watched the dove awards last night and what a treat it was to see so many of my favorites. The best artist of the year went to this guy and when he sang Cinderella, I was sobbing. It was a beautiful tribute to their precious little girl who died last year. What was beautiful was at the end of the song he changed the words to say I know the dance goes on instead of at midnight you'll be gone. He knows and shares with so many that we dance after this life with our Lord.
His wife also accepted the award with him. It was just one of those great moments.

So, I love music but I truly enjoy listening to uplifting Christian music. You can go here and have it on while you are on the computer.
Have a wonderful weekend and we are hitting the 80's today!!!


Rebecca Jo said...

I am so angry... we didnt have any stations that played the Dove awards!!!

But I about screamed when I saw this morning he won!!! So deserved. Love that man & his whole family!

Cathy Cobblestone said...

Tina - thank you for sharing this - what a beautiful song - I know it must be so hard for him to sing that song now. Thank you for reminding me how lucky I am that lil' guy is sleeping sound in his bed tonight. Have a beautiful weekend. Cathy