Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Gift

The Gift

Well, I wanted to share a fun story. My friend Julie's daughter will be graduating next month and like my daughter wants her open house to reflect her. There will be no school colors or graduation caps for her. She loves Amy Butler and uses her fabrics to create beautiful quilts and other items. Amy Butler inspires her. So ladies remember what our moms always said? They can only say no. Well, I thought I would contact Amy Butler and tell her about how she has inspired this young woman and so many others and asked her if she would be kind enough to send Melissa good wishes on her graduation. Amy Butler is like a Rock Star and who knew she would actually respond. She so did!! She signed this awesome book for Melissa and sent it too me this week. It hasn't even been two weeks ! I tell you this because there are not many people that take the time any more to make someones day. She did and I appreciate it so much. This young woman will cherish the warm wishes. So a plug for Amy Butler who is still very much connected to the real world. She has a line of fabric and some beautiful scrapbooking paper. She has amazing patterns and her stuff is so colorful and fun. She has impressed me with her giving heart.


Rebecca Jo said...

That is totally cool!!! I know nothing about her... but because of that story, I want to look into her now! Love a humble person!!!

Jennifer said...

That is so wonderful! I have never heard of her but am just about to google her!!

grannyval said...

Wow that was speedy. Julie and you will give this young womsn a graduation to remember.You are so special and God blesses your actions. HUGS