Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of 8th Grade

Emm took this picture of Cory pitching. She also changed it to all black and white and only the ball has color. Very Cool!!

It's the big day and they are begging me not to take their picture!! Sorry , it's a tradition. Where does the time go? It can't be time for them to be in 8th grade !!

One more week and sissy is off to AU. We met her new room mate and her mother last night for dinner and they are just lovely Christian people. Her room mate is from California!! So please pray for her and her family. She won't be home till Christmas. And here I thought two hours was bad.

We had a great weekend hanging out with Cory's family. They have a memorial softball tournament for a young man that died. They raise money to keep a scholarship going in his name. What an amazing way for them to pay it forward. They feel so blessed and are so thankful for their son being healed . So we watched Cory and his brother play and a whole bunch of great softball teams. They had 30 teams for this tourney. It was just awesome. Hot, but awesome.
No music today just a thought...GOD IS FOR YOU!!!


Jennifer said...

Love the school pic! Mine will be posted on Wednesday. We just had our "meet n' greet" for Emma! She was very excited! I'm sure my boys will complain about their picture too!! LOL.



Robyn said...

OK ... when did they switch. (When we talk, I'll explain.) Love all the pictures. Can't believe school has already started. It seems like it was only a few weeks ago when they got out!

holly said...

What two handsome boys you and Mike have! I took pictures, but mine were very dark because the sun wasn't up yet when they left. I pray that the boys have a great year and that Emme settles in to her new university with ease. Thank you for the quote...I really needed to hear that today.