Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer is Really Over

Well, you know summer's really over when you take your daughter back to college. It was move in day and she was so excited. We are so hopeful for a great year and we know God made a way for her to go to A U.

So here's a picture of my three awesome kids this morning before I left to take her. One football player, that is thrilled to be having his picture taken, one amazing college student and one very sweet tennis player that is going to miss his big sis.
Levi has his first football game tonight and he is so ready. He is rough around the edges but he has a sweetness about him. Take that number he is wearing. It was my number when I played sports and I told him it has always remained my favorite number. He works hard to get that number ever year and when he came home this year with it he was so, look what I got. I was thrilled. It's the little things.

We had special dinner last night for sissy and we decorated the table with a painting she did this summer. She was so surprised. She has so many talents!!

Well, I guess I'm a big girl now because this year I didn't cry!! I think I'm just so excited for her.

Hope you are having a wonderful week!!


Rebecca Jo said...

Such cute kiddos! & yes, even though your daughter is a college student & probably considers herself an "adult" - she's still your KIDDO!!!

She drew that???? That's AWESOME! I'm so jealous of artistic talent like that!

Robyn said...

I know you are ready for Em to spread her wings at AU. I'm glad she likes her roommate and hope they both have an awesome year!!

Tell Levi "good luck"!! Can't wait to see football and tennis pictures.

Jennifer said...

I love the picture! Blessings for a great year for all of them!! HE is so good!


holly said...

Oh my goodness...that Emme! She is so talented. I can't believe that she painted that! It is going to be a good year for her at AU and they are priveledged to have her.

Go Levi!! Can't wait to hear how he did. Show pix okay:!