Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thank You

Wanted to thank you all for your prayers. My mom did great. I am going to take her some meals this morning and see how her night went.
This is our last weekend before school starts and it is action packed. I am so praying the boys have a great year this year. We moved here two years ago and they left a lot of great friends. They have adjusted pretty well here but I just want them to feel great before they enter high school next year. They are one of the youngest in their grade and they where a little bummed that everyone had a huge growing spell this summer but them. They did grow but some of these boys grew 6 inches. I assured them their time will come and it will probably be next summer. I can remember this time with Emm but it was about braces and getting a pimple. With the boys it's height, muscles, hair, cars, being a man. They are still saying girls are too much drama. I hope that continues!!


Jennifer said...

Glad your mom did well! I will be praying for your boys! The kids start school Wednesday. Trying to get it all together before they do!



Rebecca Jo said...

oh... the joy of kids growing up... & The differences of boys & girls... all of it is fun - right?

holly said...

I am so glad that she did well! the boys start Tuesday. Summer is winding down...can't believe it! Tell your mom hi for me.