Saturday, August 1, 2009

What a Week !

First of all I can't believe it's Saturday already. This week was crazy!! I worked full-time for my Dentist friend and when you're use to a flexible schedule it's rough to commit to regular hours. I did it and enjoyed it.
Emotions ran high this week because Emme's sweet ex Cory had his yearly cancer check. Two days worth. I know I've mentioned before that Cory is a cancer survivor but he is actually a two time survivor and he is only 20 years old. He has the best attitude and is just the sweetest guy. His mom and dad came up last weekend for a visit and we just enjoy this family so much. His mom kept me posted on how things were going and after the first day they determined that Cory needs to go on blood pressure meds. All the chemo he took requires it. He was very disappointed, he is so active and feels so good. Day two brought great news...Cory is cancer free!! We are going down to celebrate with him tomorrow. Praise God ! Even though he and Emm don't date anymore I know he and his family where brought into our lives for a reason.

Friday brought great news for Emm a new roommate from California and the housing she had hoped for. She is ready to start her new adventure.

Blessings to all!!


Jennifer said...

I was wondering where you were! I am still traveling, sitting in Cincinnati, Oh with my sister-in-law. We leave tomorrow for home! Praise God on Emm and Cory! That is wonderful!!



Robyn said...

Tina ... that is awesome news for Cory! I know you are all so excited.

I'm so excited for Em. Everything seems to be working out great! Isn't amazing what prayer can do!

Talk to you soon.