Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well, who would have thought in the hills of southern Indiana that your daughter would be evacuated because of hurricane Ike. We had to go pick our girl up this past Monday due to the damage that Ike did to the school. No electric or water and no school for a week. Not how we thought our girl would begin her college days but I truly believe that God makes everything new and this is Emm's new start. She is going back to a schedule that is correct, cooler weather and I think with a refreshed spirit. I will hate to see her go but for me this time will be a little easier. As her mom I want her to succeed and make all her dreams come true. Did I mention she's got a gala to go to the very next weekend she's back? How awesome is that? A gala, I just like saying it.
It's been a great week and she even got to see Levi play in a school football game. He did awesome!! She's taking all the credit for that one. I didn't want to hurt her feelings but he's been playing very well this season. She's excited about attending church with us tomorrow and we'll have lunch and then back to school we go.

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll post more later. Her and I went treasure hunting and I found loads!!

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