Friday, September 26, 2008


Trying to get my home Fall ready. These are a few treasures. Not sure I like my new door arrangement. I'm thinking it would look better on Julies door or Robyns. Can you believe I have a friend that made me that awesome fall quilt? Lucky me. I'm not much of a Halloween decorator but I have been enjoying the word BOO. So my tree is a branch I painted and the pumpkin holder is the bottom of a lamb I painted. Who loves black spray paint...I do. The Boo sign is a frame from the dollar tree and I printed the letters out on my computer. I saw someone else did EEK. Just thought it was cute and cheap. The door decoration is some of the treasures Emm and I found. I think .50 each for these awesome picture frames. Ribbon is a beautiful satin and it was $1.80.
This is just a start but with the weather changing I am sure in the mood for fall.
Enjoy this beautiful day!

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The Egges said...

Stop being so creative without me!
I love everything you have done. The door is a great idea and I love that quilt!