Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Follow up

Well, little Connor made it through and got to come home today. Thanks for all the prayers.

Went to the post office to mail our girl a package and the postmaster was so sweet. She told me all about the on-line services the post office has. I was truly amazed. Did you know you can order cards from them and they will mail them out for you. I'm talking $2.99 and that includes everything. I can also create an address book , like for friends I mail to a lot . Some may already know of all this great stuff but if you don't go check it out http://www.usps.com/

Have a Terrific Tuesday !!


grannyval said...

Thanks for info. saved site looksinteresting.How about the designer picture postage stamps .You are getting quite good at changing your blog look too.Sharp for fall.HUGS

The Egges said...

Was someone actually nice at the Shirley post office? I want some of that yummy looking pumpkin bread!


Positively Creative! said...

I got your sweet comment, thanks for that! and thanks for your much needed inspiration on your blog....so peaceful!