Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A View From Booth 43

Here are some shots of my booth after the Heritage Fair. I am so excited that alot of items sold. The banners were a hit and I'm almost out of Monster mix. I"ll share that recipe later.

All items are for sale so if something catches your eye let me know.
Enjoy the view


grannyval said...

Great Job! Love the combination of colors.
Have I told you lately how proud I am of you.
How much your creativity inspires and motivates.
God has blessed you with a one of a kind love for all and something special to encourage women to be all they can.
Thank you, HUGS

lexie said...

How much are your banners and ballet skirts? THey are all beautiful!

Tina said...

Lexie, thanks for visiting me. The Tutu's are $12 and the banners range in price. I am going to take better pictures this weekend for each one. The Boo banner is 14.95, Fall 16.95, Harvest 19.95 and Halloween 24.95. My friend and I have loved doing these and we are working on other holidays. I am new to blogging and I hope to get better at my posting abilities. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!! Tina

lexie said...

I would love to order some of your stuff! my email is thill@tetontel.com if you could contact me there. Thanks!