Sunday, September 7, 2008


Went to see our girl yesterday and had a lovely visit. It's amazing how much stuff they fit into those dorm rooms. I wanted to reorganize her stuff but I refrained. It's her space. It's hard to step back out of the mommy role but it's so important to make that transition from mommy to peer(that's for you Robyn). Because I want to grow into the next level of our relationship. Growing up is hard for us mommies. Sometimes it's harder for us than it is for our kids.
Note to all parents pour kind words on your children. I mean drench them in positive, reaffirming , encouraging words. With my recent college visit and middle school subbing gig I am so discouraged that parents are checking out and not nurturing our young. I actually heard an 18 year old say"wow, your parents like you that must be nice." Are we fussing too much and forgetting they need affirmations too? I like to be encouraged. Don't you?

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