Monday, October 13, 2008

Spiritual Harvest Gathering

What a delightful day I had. It was amazing to see how many women came to this little church in the country. I was not familiar with the area and it was just beautiful. It was a a lovely drive and to see all the fields ready for harvest, it just got me all excited about their gathering. I truly loved speaking to this group of ladies. They were all ages and all in different places in their lives but all came out to fellowship and share their love for Jesus. They made me feel so welcome and appreciated. My mom and I stayed for lunch and enjoyed their company so much. I loved speaking at this church and I hope to go back again someday. I pray they are blessed !!

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grannyval said...

Thank you I had a wonderful time too.I am so proud of you and know you touched the ladies in a special way you are such an encourger. All for His glory ! HUGS