Saturday, October 4, 2008


I found some treasures yesterday. Purely by accident but I got the chairs for $5 each and they are sturdy and comfortable. I want to redo them but just not sure how yet. The sofa table $8 and it's in really good shape too. God truly blessed me yesterday. I think I skipped to the car. My friend Julie found all kinds of cute treasures for Connor. She was a bargain babe. I must tell you it is great having a DVD player in your car. Connor was able to relax and watch Elmo and Miss Tina was able to sing along and make a complete fool out of herself. I got caught doing the hokey pokey in the car. That gal looked at me like why is that crazy woman behind the wheel? I told her I truly had a toddler in the back...I don't think she believed me. Yesterday was a beautiful and fun filled day. I love having good friends!!

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grannyval said...

Wow what finds.Table is beautiful and the chairs what a bargin.You have got to take me with sometime.