Friday, March 13, 2009

Birthday Girl

This is my wonderful friend Robyn and she as you can see is an amazing mom to these three girls. It's her birthday today and I would like to honor her in today's post. She is such an awesome friend to me and a straight shooter. We all need one of those in our friendship pool. She loves the Lord and has grown so much in her relationship with him. God honored her faithfulness with a loving supporting new husband and after devastating miscarriages they were blessed with not one but two wonderful baby girls. Katey is the oldest and their first treasure .Did I mention an awesome big sister too? The bummer part not for her but for me is that God called them to Texas and I miss them something awful. I am so proud of the life she has made there and how strong she is. Man, you are strong!! She is creative, hardworking and such a great listener. I just want to wish you a very Happy Birthday!!
Big Hugs

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Robyn said...

Tina ~ I wasn't expecting this post! You are an awesome friend!! Thank you! Hugs from Texas. Robyn

P.S. It has been coooold here. I think God was preparing Katey for Indy weather. I want my sunshine back!!!