Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Break

After 3 weeks of constant working. I mean there were days I subbed and then went to my literacy job right after. I was so ready for spring break. Our plans were a little different this year. With Emm being in school and not able to go any where with us we decided to open our lake place. Well, guess what happened? The temperature has taken a noise dive. We had big plans but now we'll get some things accomplished around here. You know, clean closets, cabinets, baseboards, paint touch ups and maybe a little sewing.
I did get us in here...Clifty Falls Inn. We found this when we took Emm to college. It is such a beautiful state park and the inn is beautiful. It's always full but I was able to get us in for two amazing nights. We can swim and hopefully hike a little. There is even a cave. The boys are so excited. It's also only 4 miles from Emms college so she's even going to come and relax a little bit.

I did buy some pansies. I am so ready for all the newness of spring.
Hope whatever your plans are that you have a great time!!


Jennifer said...

WOW! The place is beautiful! Have fun.


Robyn said...

Have an awesome time!! Can't wait to hear about the adventures!

The Egges said...

So sorry about this nasty weather! Bundle up and have fun together relaxing!