Thursday, March 19, 2009

Birthday Greetings to our Boys

Well, 13 years ago today I was in pre term labor and they couldn't stop it any longer. By 12:30pm our boys were born 5 1/2 weeks pre-mature. They weight 5'6 and 5'4 so their size was good but not their lungs. They were transported to another hospital and put in the NICU. I had a c-section and it wasn't able to see them for 3 days. It was one of the hardest times in my life. We had been praying that God would surround them with angels and give them the best care possible. He never fails. When I was finally able to go I was amazed by who their nurse was. It was a dear friend from high school. I started crying so hard because I knew she was the angel God had sent to my boys. After ventilators and feeding tubes and daily information sessions our boys were finally able to come home.

That first year was tough, my hubby kept saying but there's two of them!! We have such great memories of pulling them in their wagon to go see sissy play softball. To this day people still say I remember you pulling those boys in that wagon to go to the ball games. It's a little different this year not having sissy here to celebrate the day but we are taking them to dinner and having an all boy sleep over tomorrow.

What I love most about our boys is that they are so different. They were in the same place at the same time but as soon as they were born they made it clear who they were. Levi is oldest by 2 minutes and he doesn't let Garrett forget that. He is very strong in his thinking. He can fix anything!! He loves football and is so disciplined. Hard work doesn't scare him. He uses all my parenting skills and some I never knew I had. He doesn't say I love you all the time but when he does he so means it. I love having deep conversations with him. He is a dreamer.

Garrett is a love bug and so athletic. He has captivating blue eyes and is so patient with people and younger kids. He is quick with compliments and says I love you and hugs a lot. He loves tennis and wants to be a pro, but he is also not opposed to becoming a pro fishermen.

These boys are a true gift to us and such a blessing. I always tell them they started off weak but man are they strong. They are so capable. It's not how you start it's how you finish. I am so proud to be their mom and I honor them today on their 13th birthday!!

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Robyn said...

Happy Birthday Boys!! It's hard to believe you guys are already 13 years old. Have fun celebrating!!