Friday, March 6, 2009


Sorry for the lack of blogging this week. I have been working quite a bit. Thank you Lord. Here is one of the bargains I got when Emm was home. The clock is awesome and only cost me $5 at Kohls on clearance. It was originally $50. I got the little frame from dollar tree and put the numbers 143 in it. I love that and I saw it on a blog awhile back and I so wanted to do it. 143 stands for I love you. I like that it's a conversation starter. My friend Holly has a number placed in her family room and it's their lot number from when they build their home. I always thought that was so cool.
I have to share something really exciting , a good friend of mines niece is getting crowned Miss Indiana tonight!! Since Miss Indiana became Miss America they needed a new one and Miss Megan Meadors is it. He is a very proud Uncle. I think it's awesome.
My mom won an awesome sculpture wall hanging , it's just beautiful. Go check it out on her blog.(sidebar blessing your socks off) Whats even neater is it was her birthday. God is so good.
Hope you have felt his presence this week .

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Robyn said...

If you add a "6" to the "143" it stands for "I love you always". Stephen has it engraved in his wedding ring.