Friday, May 29, 2009

Bridal Shower

Wanted to share a few pictures of the bridal shower. This teacher is so loved by her students and it was so sweet to see so many of them participate in the shower. One of the moms did the cake. One group of girls made her a cookbook and did such a sweet job on it. She was so cute she wore the apron I did for her the rest of the day. My boys are going to miss her.

It's official we are out of school. The boys got out yesterday and are already off and running today. This is probably our last full summer. Next summer tennis and football start the year early for them.

At the request of several 8th grade students I attended 8th grade graduation last night. It was so great to see the kids all dressed up. This was such a great class and being a sub for them has always been a delight. They begged me to sub in the high school but I told them they change in High School and I want to remember them just how they are. My kids weren't really sure why I went last night and I tried to explain that it's important for kids to know you believe in them. I hope one day if one of those 8th graders is feeling low, they'll remember a crazy substitute teacher that believed in them.

It's graduation weekend and it's going to be crazy around here. Hard to believe it's been a year since Emm graduated. Wow. Time Flies!!

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Rebecca Jo said...

8th grade graduation! Such a funny time - when they think they are the "Coolest" being on the top of the food chain in middle school... to get thrown into High school!!!!

That apron looks great on her!!!