Friday, May 1, 2009

Blast Off

Cafeteria where we have snack (those milk cartons can be rough for little hands to open)
Conversation activity

Math activity with skittles


I wanted to share pictures of what I have been working on . Spring brings kindergarten round -up and kindergarten blast off. These are two of my favorite events. Test scores are showing that 60% of our children entering kindergarten are not prepared. This is how my job was created. We are grant based and concentrate on reaching families birth to 5. We share so many neat things and I decided that next week I will share one of the techniques with you. But for today I wanted to share our kindergarten blast off event. We work with the teachers and create sessions for the kids to do with their parents. We do writing, math, and reading. The families receive all kinds of activities to practice over the summer and the kids favorite part ...the bus rides. This event brings a comfort to the children and their parents on what is expected. It's not like when I was in school and we went to school to learn. They have to know so many things. We just read our surveys and it's so wonderful when a parent tells you that their child feels so much better about coming to school. They love all the activities and are excited about kindergarten. All parents want their children to succeed . I am thankful for this job and feel so blessed that I get to contribute to the future of our youth.

I would be glad to share any info I have, just shoot me an email.

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