Sunday, May 24, 2009

Productive Weekend

This has been such a productive weekend and it feels so good! Thought I would share some fruits of my labor.
Made Emme a new shirt and made the #2 shirt for a girl at works little boy. He's having a baseball birthday party.
Sorry for the awful picture but made a few candy diplomas for Emm's friends that are graduating. They are made with big smarties. I made little tags that say Congrats Grad, 09, and Dream Big. My friend Julie is doing these for her daughters graduation open house.

This is a T-shirt quilt I finished for Emilee's broken hearted ex- boyfriend. He is graduating from Vincennes and Emm had asked him for some of his special t-shirts to do this for him. She did help. The hardest part for me was cutting up his survivor t-shirt. He is a cancer survivor and such an amazing young man. He is coming to spend the day with us tomorrow and we are giving it to him then.

The boys have a wonderful language arts teacher and all the kids love her. So I thought it would be fun for the kids to throw her a shower. It's a kitchen theme and that way the kids can bring in a small kitchen item and we will fill up a basket for her. I found this cute apron and matching towel and potholder at Homegoods and put her new initial on it. I made the love frame and the cute photo album I had left from my store. Those are going to be gifts but I'm using them as table decorations. Her wedding colors are black, white and pink. A mom who is a cake decorator offered to bring in the cake. I am so excited to see her reaction. She is such a special teacher.
Whatever you're doing this weekend hope it's been fun. It just feels nice to be getting some things done.


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my... look at all the fun projects!!!

That t-shirt quilt is going to be AMAZING... I bet it was hard to cut up the Survivor shirt... but this quilt will be something he'll have FOREVER where a t-shirt is so easily tore, lost, or forgotten...

Totally jealous that you can sew... that's still my dream!

The Egges said...

I know someone who would like that t-shirt with a 3 on it!! Hint hint!

Robyn said...

Love all the crafts!! (FYI .. tell the person that would like a t-shirt with a #3 on it; you'll only do it if she posts a picture of him in it on her blog!!!!)

I'm excited that when it is time for Katey to graduate .. you and Julie will have tons of good ideas for me!!

Hope you all had fun fishing!!