Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Catch Up

My people did this mommy proud. I got to have a wonderful spinach quiche with a mixed fruit cup on the side. I received a beautiful hanging basket and a glider for the front porch. The fellas let me go visit sissy for the day and we had a great time . We ate lunch on a boat that sits on the Ohio. Good lunch, spinach salad with blackened grilled chicken..yum. We walked around downtown Madison and even went to a flea market. These are random pictures we took .

The hanging basket is a gift to my friend who turned 40. I like to welcome all new members to the club. What club? The Fabulous Forties club. Membership comes whether you want it to or not. I like to remind new members that it's only a number and embrace it. So I wrote little tags with fun messages on them.

Last night was another literacy party and this time we tried very hard to reach our Hispanic population. We had 75, this was huge. I applaud these folks for coming out and trying to learn something new to help their children. I must tell you it was a tough gig. I love to talk and having to work with an interpreter was a little challenging . It made me think about all the challenges these families face. No one likes wearing shoes that don't fit!!

So many projects so little time!!!


Jennifer said...

What an amazing day! It looked beautiful. Thank YOU for my graduation card! It was such a nice surprise.
Blessings to you my friend!

LisaShaw said...

Aww you were indeed loved on! I'm glad it was special for you.

I wanted to come by and see how you are doing. I hope all is well.

Bless you dear one.