Friday, May 22, 2009

Moving Day

Well, today is the day we get to move our girl home. Hubby and I are heading to Hanover as soon as the boys get on the bus. Emm is so ready to come home. Please be praying that she gets a job. She has been applying everywhere and nothing so far. It's hard getting out of school this late. This may be our last trip to Hanover and please be in prayer for that too. She wants to transfer to a AU a Christian University that she had considered earlier. Her dad and I totally support that. Sometimes you have to find the right fit for yourself. I am so proud of her and she has handled everything with the new school. She's becoming a grown up!!
Have a wonderful weekend.


Rebecca Jo said...

Have a good trip! Enjoy that daughter! And we'll be praying for a job for her!!

grannyval said...

Wow you got early start,know Em will be glad to be homw too.Will continue to pray for job and up coming decisions.LOL