Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Busy Bakers

My friend Melissa told me about using the little pretzels for dipping and they work great!!

Cinnamon snowflakes with cinnamon icing, oh so yummy.

This is yummy peppermint chocolate drizzled popcorn, easy and so good.

How cute are these sugar cookies?

My daughter and I finished up our baking and she was such a big help. She did such a great job on the sugar cookies. We made truffles, puppy chow, pecan choc chip cookies, graham cracker cookies(those are easy and good,)peanut butter blossoms, peanut butter reeses cup, gooey sugar cookies,yummy white choc drops and rice krispy bon bons. We like to give these to teachers, friends, family and our pastors. Everything tastes pretty good too.
Hope you are all ready for your holidays .
Happy Holy Days!!!


The Egges said...

Pretty good? Mine was all great! Could I get seconds please? Your awesome!

Thank you!

Jennifer said...

They all look AMAZING!