Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Cheer

It is the time of year that sometimes doesn't bring out the best in people. I believe this is an opportunity to spread some holiday cheer or what I like to call show some Jesus love!! What have you done this week ? It can be simple. My mom always carries candy canes and passes them out to store cashiers, clerks, gas station attendants just about anyone she runs into. I always try to keep little goodies in my car and by my front door to just give someone a little holiday cheer. This week the boys and I dropped off 2 boxes of books at Children Services. Foster homes are in need of so many things, maybe check with your local agency to see what you can do. I did speak to the Children's Bureau at the conference I went to and they are really trying some different ways to make a little extra money for the kids. They collect old cell phones and ink cartridges. We all have all have those. Isn't that awesome? And please remember all those single moms out there. Just be on the look out for a way to make someones day.

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Jennifer said...

You are so right! We need to spread the cheer. I have to think of something I can give. Thanks for the great idea!