Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Remember this?

Well, I had to tell you all that this turned out so great. My boys attend a small school, like only 80 kids in the 7th grade. Let me tell you what these kids did with this book. They started with one jar and ended up having several because they kept filling them up. The grand total for these kids was $316. How cool is that ? But want to hear where the money went? Their teacher volunteers at the juvenile facility for girls and was able to bless those girls with warm socks and goodies. The story gets better. The girls had been saving their allowance (which is like $2 a week) and were sponsoring a family with it. You heard me right. These are girls that have made mistakes and people have given up on and they were sponsoring a family for Christmas. The teacher didn't know this, the kids didn't know but you know who did? He used all these kids to do his work. It all started with a jar. Actually, it started with a man that came to walk the earth and die on a cross. He is still at work. He can use us all. Through a jar, a plate of cookies, a kind word...find some way to share him this week.

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Jennifer said...

AMEN! That is awesome. It has been heavy on my heart regarding how many don't know Him or any sort of kindness. Yes, we need to reach out more so people may see Him through us.

Love your posts!