Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Family Fun Day

Well, Sunday my family came out for a fish fry and the playing of Wii. My dad, hubby and boys caught a lot of fish this past summer and we saved them to have a fish fry with. We had bass, croppie and bluegill...yummy. My mom fried up all the fish and my SIL brought homemade mac and cheese. We had coleslaw and rolls and lots of tartar sauce. I of course had salad but that's okay. I had plenty of fish and it was so tasty. My boys were so proud of the feast they had helped catch. After loads of fish it was time for Wii. What I love about this game is anyone can play. We had so much fun watching grandma try to bowl and papaw try to golf. Goodtimes !!


Robyn said...

Love the pictures. FYI ... when Stephen's Mom bowls, she knocks over the people watching instead of the pins!!

Jennifer said...

We love Wii! My best friend just received Wii Cheerleading for her birthday, as I was trying to "cheer" (not a pretty site), I hit my three year old in the head with the Wii-mote. I am officially retired from cheerleading!

I loved seeing the pictures!

Love, Jennifer

sparkled*life said...

We have "Family Fun Days" at our house too! They are days that are my favorite and the kids look forward to it!

Thank you so much for stoping by our Chik Nite blog! Blessings on you and I will be stopping back by! Love your blog!