Saturday, January 3, 2009

Theme Song

We all need one and I decided this year that mine will be Natalie Grants I will not be moved. So what ever comes my way whatever battles I may face and let's be real honest there will be battles. I will not be moved when it comes to my faith. I will stand firm knowing that God has me cradled in his arms and no harm will come to me. I will not stand on sinking sand...I have a rock solid foundation. I'm going to focus on what God's up to and not what this world is up to. We can get so caught up with the misery of this world and I say enough. Jesus love all the way.
I feel a need to have pom poms right now. So let's win one for Jesus this year.

God bless and find yourself a theme song!


Jessica said...

I LOVE that song! I think thats a great theme song for 2009! I may have to adopt that one myself

grannyval said...

What a great song to start the year.You are so special.

Jennifer said...

I love this song!!! I saw her perform it last year. She is amazing. It's so true, we will stumble and fall but as long as God is our foundation we will NOT be moved!

Love, Jennifer

PS. Emma wasn't excited about her first Christmas. I think it was a little overwhelming for her. This year she had such a great time although still not liking santa. She tells me "I don't like santa". She walked by him at the mall and got scared!