Sunday, January 18, 2009

Look what we got today

One sled, a little snow and two boys....PRICELESS. I love to watch my boys play and seeing them today in the snow reminded me of when I was little and could stay out in it for hours. Boy have times changed. I have to have the car warmed up before I even get in it. They took turns pulling each other and threw snowballs at each other. It was such a beautiful snow nice big flakes.
So on this chilly snowy Sunday we are having chilly and watching movies. Hope your Sunday is full of the love of family and God's presence.


grannyval said...

What fun.
You all would stay out until you were so wet your clothes would almost be stiff.Thank the Lord for good memories new ones or old. LOL HUGS

Jennifer said...

Oh my! This Florida girl is cold just looking at it! It does look BEAUTIFUL. My boys would be loving it too.

Love, Jennifer

Robyn said...

No ... can't say that I miss the snow. (Although, Ryann likes to make snow angels in the grass and maybe someday, she can actually do it in snow!)

I'll mention it since you didn't ask ... it was 65 degrees today. Went bargain shopping again and got a new spread for the master bedroom!

Talk to you soon!