Thursday, November 6, 2008

Born Learning

I have been blessed with an amazing job. (it's one of 4) I am a Born Learning Coordinator and we are working on some awesome projects. Children are born learning so we put tools in parents hands to help with that. One of the latest projects is called a Born Learning Trail. I wanted to share this because any community could do this. We are also starting literacy book parties where the hostess would get a basket full of books for her home. Totally free. I love books and know how important it is to get them in our children's hands. We are not given a handbook when we become parents and some of us are better at it then others. That's why these types of programs are so helpful.

I am also researching playgroups. If you are in a playgroup I would love to hear your thoughts.

Here's a view of the trail. Each post has an activity to do with your child while you walk the trail.


Robyn said...

Tina ~

I would checkout That is where I found the playgroup the girls and I are in. I might give you some information and some contacts.


Lauren and Justin said...

born learning sounds awesome!

nice to meet you!